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Brimming with many passions and a playful heart, I believe that Artistic Memory Keeping nurtures your soul as it preserves your cherished memories. -I call it The Healing Art of Scrapbooking.


Eniko's Playhouse is where I come to play, express myself, and share my passions. I have been a professional chef for most of my life - I have owned two restaurants and have managed several more - so cooking and baking remain an important part of my life. But I am also an artist.

My most recent passions are Photography, Papercrafting, Scrapbooking and Mixed Media Art. The very feel of paper, and the smell of paint and ink, excites me and opens up endless possibilities of artistic expression.

I have a BA in Fine Arts from Providence College, and although I majored in painting, I've always considered everything I do as an expression of my art. When I am cooking, the plate becomes my canvas, and food my medium. When I am gardening, I'm merely painting with flowers. When I am writing, the words are my brush strokes. Everything I do in my life is another opportunity to create art and to express my point of view.

Since I gave up my restaurant, I've made my living in many different ways: Interior Designer, Events Planner, Marketing Consultant, Culinary Arts Teacher, Pastry Chef, Writer, Scrapbook Designer. I love everything I do and immerse myself into each project with incredible passion and intensity - a trait that can be as much curse, as gift.

I find it impossible to give up any of my passions in favor of another, so it's been a challenge fitting into a world that worships "specialization" and finds it hard to believe that some of us have the ability to be really good at many different things.

I also collect Barbies (must have about 300) and love creating dioramas and tableaux with them. My friend, Margot, says that they are my goddesses who watch over me.

Personals: I was born in Budapest, Hungary and arrived in America as a refugee from communism at age five. My family eventually settled in New England, first Maine, then New Hampshire, and it was my move to Providence College that took me to Rhode Island, where I met my first husband. As a young mother, the idea of raising my son on the idyllic island of Martha's Vineyard was enchanting and I felt that I found a true home. After the birth of second son and the dissolution of my marriage, I relocated to Newport, Rhode Island for about ten years, but the Island kept beckoning. I returned to Martha' Vineyard and entered a loving relationship with my sweet Jim, who I lost to cancer 13 year later.

For my "Third Act", I moved to Miami with an old crush, and am happier than perhaps I've ever been.

Now that the sons are grown and my passion for life is at a peak, I am reaching out to the glorious world of fellow bloggers, who like me, can not contain their joy and simply must share it.


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